Gambling Addiction Treatment Melbourne

A gambling addiction can evolve from small behaviours that suddenly spiral out of control. While you may feel you have nowhere to turn, our team at Hills & Ranges Private are experienced, trained and passionate about helping those with gambling addictions forge a road to recovery. As one of the most renowned rehabilitation treatment centres in Melbourne, our facility is set in a tranquil location, free from triggers and the stresses of everyday life, allowing you to fully focus on healing from your gambling addiction.

We incorporate a variety of programs and treatments to ensure that each individual that enters our centre gets the care and attention they require.

Why Choose Our Rehabilitation Centre for Gambling Addiction?

Here at Hills & Ranges Private we understand the complexity of addiction and the unpleasantries associated with it. That is why we always aim to make your stay as comfortable and therapeutic as possible, thanks to our tranquil location and support in a variety of forms. As one of Melbourne’s best gambling rehabilitation centres, we offer more than just a 12-step program, we provide an innovative, multi-faceted and holistic approach to treatment.

We work hard with all our patients to ensure you are given the tools to understand your gambling addiction, how to process and respond to your triggers and most importantly how to recover and reintegrate back into society. With the assistance of a sobriety companion outside of the rehabilitation centre, we provide you the best chance of staying on your improved path.

Get Gambling Addiction Help at One of Melbourne’s Best Treatment Centres

If your gambling is becoming a problem in your daily life, we encourage you to reach out to our team at Hills & Ranges Private and enquire about the treatment you deserve.

Call our rehabilitation facility on 1800 422 711 or use the online enquiry form and experience what one of Melbourne’s top gambling treatment centres can offer.


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