Private Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Melbourne

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Private Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Melbourne

Hills and Ranges Private is equipped to assist individuals who are struggling with a variety of addictions, including alcohol. As the most luxurious, alcohol detox and rehabilitation centre in Melbourne, we offer a safe haven in the tranquil setting of Olinda, where individuals can work through their alcohol addiction and receive high quality treatment from our trained staff.
Alcohol addiction can be detrimental to your personal and professional life and can deeply impact your relationships. When the motions of everyday life become affected by your urge to have a drink, it’s time to seek help. Our private rehabilitation facility will assist you in understanding your alcohol addiction and work with you in the next stages of your detox treatment.


The Impact Of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol dependency is likely to be developed by both men and women equally, and although background factors, genetics, and personality can influence your addiction, its negative impact does not discriminate. The recommended average alcohol intake for an adult in Australia is two standard drinks per day, and regularly exceeding these numbers and creating a harmful experience around alcohol can be symptoms of a problem. When your alcohol dependency begins to spiral out of control, a detox is required.
At Hills and Ranges Private, we can provide you with the tools you need to take back control of your health with professional treatment, with our rehabilitation facility recognised as one of the most innovative and luxurious detox centres in the state.

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Start Your Rehabilitation Journey In Melbourne

If alcohol is becoming the most important part of your life, it may be time to get in touch with our Melbourne-based private rehabilitation centre. With chefs to prepare wholesome meals, a hands-on approach and support during and after your stay with the help of Recovery Coaching, Hills and Ranges Private is here to help. Call our treatment centre on 1800 422 711 or use the online enquiry form to learn more about our alcohol detox treatment.

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