To Help Our Clients Do Rehab Once and Once Only

A rehab that actually rehabilitates – that’s what we strive to be. At Hills and Ranges Private, we’re leading the charge as the most innovative, holistic addiction recovery centre in the country.

Here’s how we make that happen…

We’re Doing Things Differently to Remove the Stigma Around Rehab and Addiction

We’re not unaware that the word ‘rehab’ has some negative connotations. From isolation in a white room, to probing strangers in lab coats, to feeling more like a number than a person – these stereotypes are the reality of many facilities. We know, because we saw them first hand throughout our own addiction and recovery journeys.

We knew that to create a rehab facility that actually transformed lives, we had to do things differently. We had to go where no one else had been before, and build a facility free from revolving doors, long waiting lists, and band aid treatments.

We’ve realised that the reason why both private and public rehabs in Australia have poor reputations is simple: not everyone in the industry is going above and beyond for their clients. Whether through lack of care, integrity, investment and innovation (or all of the above), most facilities offer outdated programs designed in the 1960s or ‘70s, and fail to actually rehabilitate.

At Hills and Ranges Private, your rehab experience doesn’t need to be like this - ever.

Since 2019, we’ve been continuously improving and perfecting our facilities, therapies, and overall client experience to create the most successful, holistic rehabilitation facility in Australia. Having over 500+ clients achieve long term recovery at HARP proves that this unique and innovative approach works, and provides you with every opportunity to overcome your addiction and rebuild your life.

A Message From Our Team

“We believe your success in rehab shouldn’t be a guessing game. You deserve to feel safe, comfortable and connected with the facility you’re entrusting your care to.

If you’ve tried rehab before unsuccessfully, it’s not because of a lack of willpower or strength – it’s because you didn’t have the education or support you deserved. And, if this is your first journey towards healing, we believe it can be your last, and you can recover for life.

We’re committed to removing the stigma surrounding addiction, and inspiring a positive shift in client experience, retention and ultimate success. And that starts with you. We are here to help you get back to everyday life, reignite your passions, and create the future you’ve been dreaming of.”

Here’s What Sets Us Apart…

5-Star Luxury Facilities Surrounded by Nature

Set amongst tranquil surrounds, Hills and Ranges Private offers an idyllic location to reconnect with yourself, and seek answers. Hand-picked to help you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, our clients enjoy access to a wide range of all-inclusive amenities during their stay, including privately cooked meals, gym and day spa facilities, hiking trails, and more.

No isolation rooms. No hospital beds. No lab coats. Just stunning views of the mountains and rainforests from every room of our Olinda Chalet and Sassafras Manor.

2:1 Staff to Client Ratio for Unparalleled Holistic Care

As a client, you’ll have personal support from our team of doctors, nurses, counsellors and facilitators as you complete our proven 5i Curriculum for addiction recovery. Plus, you’ll have access to our nutrition specialists, personal trainers, art therapists, private chefs and more to help not only rehabilitate your body, but reignite your passions, purpose and overall wellbeing also.

Our specialist team are also in recovery themselves, allowing them to provide you with true empathy as they understand the challenges you face every step of the way.

Proven 5i Curriculum for Greatest Recovery Success

Our 5i curriculum consists of the most up to date information and science in the field of AOD and Mental Health. Developed by our team of counsellors and clinicians, the 5i Recovery Process draws upon the globally recognised principles of the best abstinence based programs and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, combining them into a three-module process that can be effectively applied to your life – no matter the severity of your addiction.

Coupled with our highly effective aftercare support, our curriculum has helped over 550+ clients break free from addiction.

*Discrete and personalised support is available now

We Offer a Rehab Experience Unlike Anything Else in the Country

Stay connected with loved ones throughout your rehab journey

Tend to work and business responsibilities during your stay

Access professional ongoing support for life

Enjoy physical activities and creative therapies to help you heal

Dedicated, luxury facilities for CEO’s, celebrities and professionals

Receive a thorough assessment process to ensure a productive, safe environment for all

*Discrete and personalised support is available now.

Hear From our Past Clients…

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Get Your Loved One The Help They Desperately Need At Victoria’s Leading Rehab Facility

No matter the severity of their drug, alcohol or gambling addiction, our team can help your loved one reclaim their life and experience lasting recovery. By supporting your entire family through the rehabilitation process, Hills and Ranges Private offers one of the most effective treatment plans in the country. Get in touch with our team today, and let’s take the first step forward together.

*Book a safe, confidential call with our team

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our luxury rehab facilities, our Mount Dandenong Retreat. This stunning location in the heart of the Dandenong Rainforest provides the ultimate escape from the demands of everyday life and offers a serene and peaceful environment for recovery. Experience 5-star treatment and unwind in spacious private suites, relax in the jacuzzi spa, and be pampered with our day spa services including massages, hot stone therapy, and reiki. Nourish your body with delicious meals prepared by our private chefs, and strengthen your physical health with personalized training from our expert personal trainers. With a focus on enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, the Mount Dandenong Retreat is the ultimate escape for a successful and sustained recovery.

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"make sure you put your mental health first, and everything that you love, a very close second" 
- Edward Handley, Co-Founder of HARP

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The Dandenong Rainforest offers unbelievable beauty all year round but coming out of spring into summer, the rainforest really transforms into such a rich array of flora and fauna. Being surrounded by such beauty really helps to just reset and reconnect with oneself. 

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2 week Residential programs are now available to help you regain control, break free and start a new clean version of you. 
Start today and be home by Christmas, ready to reconnect and reunite with your Family and Friends. 

Call 1800 422 711 for all questions and to start your journey. 

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Tell us how you have taken control of your life, what was the turning point and how have things changed since?
Share your story 📖

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Let's talk about the disease we still battle from 2019, the one that has escalated tremendously and is still on the rise now. And no we aren't talking about the C-word

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