Meet the Dedicated Team Ready to Lead You Through Your Journey to Recovery

Our holistic addiction treatment centres offer an innovative and balanced approach to rehabilitation, with clinical and therapeutic methods that truly work. It’s our team of committed, caring clinicians, nurses, counsellors and facilitators who drive that mission each and every day, helping over 500+ clients enter recovery and change their lives.

See who is behind the daily work and success of our effective program:

Sassafras Practice Manager
A qualified and extensively experienced Counsellor and Group Facilitator, Bridgett guides HARP clients on their path to recovery.
Head Nurse Div 1
Donna is the first person our clients meet on the day of admission to HARP, and with 20 years of nursing experience, she has a comprehensive understanding of the complex needs of those in recovery from addiction. Donna ensures a seamless delivery of high-quality clinical care from the very first assessment.
Head Psychologist
Drawing upon more than 20 years’ experience, and a diverse array of specialisations within the field of mental health diagnosis and treatment, Philip counsels clients at Hills & Ranges Private to achieve happier, more fulfilled lives.
Nicole is a registered psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has experience working with adolescents, adults, and older adults experiencing a range of social and emotional challenges, complex trauma, and mental health difficulties.
Dr. Maxwell provides in-house and telehealth medical consulting at Hills & Ranges Private, working alongside the clinical team at HARP to ensure that all clients are provided with comprehensive medical care and oversight.
Dr Yangyang Liu provides in-house and telehealth medical consulting for clients at Hills & Ranges Private, working alongside the clinical team at HARP to ensure comprehensive medical oversight.
Victoria Regional Manager
A natural leader for staff and clients at Hills & Ranges Private, Racquel embodies the concepts of recovery and health & wellness.
Interfacing with clients on a daily basis at HARP, Jess is an empathetic and supportive person, and a natural leader in a residential setting. Jess calls upon her upbringing and a diversity of life experiences to communicate effectively with clients from all walks of life and at all stages of recovery.
Health & Wellness Manager
As a Personal Trainer, Michael supports HARP clients in recovery by fostering a positive relationship with exercise and holistic wellness, and this starts by developing a simple, daily routine. Michael is a retired Muay Thai fighter, with an undefeated professional record after 8 fights and brings this lived experience to support clients from all backgrounds and fitness levels.
Alcohol & Other Drugs Counsellor
A passionate people-person, Dean’s devotion towards a client’s recovery is most clearly evidenced in his ability to form authentic rapport with people from all walks of life. At HARP, Dean conducts private counselling, education about Alcohol and Other Drugs, and facilitates group therapy.
Head Dietary Therapist
Dr Caroline Alison Nichols (TCM) is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine of more than 10 years. She informs and guides our clients through addiction recovery using whole foods as medicine in keeping with the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dietary Therapist
Dr. Shirley O’Dwyer is a clinical practitioner and educator, offering a tailored range of services and education to clients at Hills & Ranges Private.
Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Therapist
Kaz has an interest in an integrated body-mind approach and offers practices that centre around meditation, mindful movement and forest therapy. She brings a calm and compassionate approach to mindfulness training and loves to create a safe and welcoming space for people to connect with themselves, others and learn the wonderful practice of mindfulness.
Music Teacher
A highly trained guitarist and composer, Oliver is passionate about helping others through the power of music. At HARP, Oliver calls upon his own hard-won life experiences to deliver a transcendent Music Therapy experience.
Art Therapy
Joseph has been a practising art therapist for 6 years now. His passion for self expression and curiosity in human behaviour began at a very early age, and has led him to many weird and wonderful places.
Professional Fitness Coach
As a Personal Trainer, Andrew helps clients in recovery to build a movement routine during their stay at HARP and encourages them to continue it as they transition back into their daily lives.
Melanie Clarke is a Day Spa Therapist at Hills & Ranges Private, offering a wide range of tailored treatment options. These services include reflexology, Swedish relaxation massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and reiki.
As a Chef at Hills and Ranges Private, Chris Wilding understands the role that a great dining experience plays in recovery – providing meaningful connections, special moments, and of course, great food.
Support Staffer
Working to support HARP clients on a daily basis at HARP, Sarah is a kind, empathetic person, and someone to rely upon during challenging times. Sarah credits a diverse range of life experiences for her ability to communicate effectively with clients from all walks of life and at all stages of recovery.
Support Staffer
Glen enjoys a wealth of life experience, both personal and professional. He has travelled abroad, touring America, Canada and the Philippines. He has spent several months living in the Philippines, embracing their food, culture, and their way of life.
Olinda Practice Manager
Brittany is compassionate and approachable, and creates an atmosphere of safety and inclusivity through her support work at HARP. She leads by example with a positive mindset and calm demeanour always.
Client Concierge
Sunny Thind is a transfer specialist and concierge for the clients at Hills & Ranges Private.
Jacqueline believes that a healthy and balanced diet is an integral part of addiction recovery. The connection that exists between mind, body and soul must be treated in equal measure, and Jacqueline excels in her ability to provide a fine dining experience that nurtures all aspects of recovery.
Director of Communications
At HARP, Kurtis is able to utilize his knowledge, skills and expertise to revolutionize the way the rehab industry is perceived by the public. Through media, Kurtis gives HARP a voice, and removes the cloud of stigma surrounding rehabilitation, making it more socially acceptable for people to get help when they need it.

What Sets Us Apart…

Our staff are qualified, experienced, and committed to helping others

Our team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals in their respective fields, many of whom are also in recovery. Our personal experiences allow us to share true empathy, guidance and understanding when walking you through your own recovery journey too, and we can personally attest to the effectiveness of the 5i Curriculum in our own lives.

You can feel confident that your stay at Hills and Ranges Private will be free from judgement and stigma, with expert-led programs and support staff committed to your success.

Experience peace of mind knowing our team at Hills and Ranges Private are:

Lives Transformed at Hills and Ranges Private:

“I went into Hills & Ranges Private a very, very broken woman with no faith - completely alone and isolated. And I was a different person when I completed the program. I felt alive for probably the first time in my life. I felt like the most authentic version of myself when I completed my stay… I’m not only a more present partner, I’m a more present mother, daughter and friend.”
- RACQUEL, Former Hils & Ranges Private Client
“I would do anything I could to truly pass on the message that there is possibility for change. There is an opportunity for a better life than what you’re currently living, no matter what your circumstances are… no matter what the extent of your addiction is, there is help.”
- JOSH, Former Client of Hills and Ranges Private

Embark On Your Final Journey To Recovery At Melbourne’s Leading 5-Star Rehabilitation Facility

If you’re reading to get help for your own addiction, or support a loved one in their journey to healing, get in touch with our team today.

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our luxury rehab facilities, our Mount Dandenong Retreat. This stunning location in the heart of the Dandenong Rainforest provides the ultimate escape from the demands of everyday life and offers a serene and peaceful environment for recovery. Experience 5-star treatment and unwind in spacious private suites, relax in the jacuzzi spa, and be pampered with our day spa services including massages, hot stone therapy, and reiki. Nourish your body with delicious meals prepared by our private chefs, and strengthen your physical health with personalized training from our expert personal trainers. With a focus on enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, the Mount Dandenong Retreat is the ultimate escape for a successful and sustained recovery.

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"make sure you put your mental health first, and everything that you love, a very close second" 
- Edward Handley, Co-Founder of HARP

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The Dandenong Rainforest offers unbelievable beauty all year round but coming out of spring into summer, the rainforest really transforms into such a rich array of flora and fauna. Being surrounded by such beauty really helps to just reset and reconnect with oneself. 

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2 week Residential programs are now available to help you regain control, break free and start a new clean version of you. 
Start today and be home by Christmas, ready to reconnect and reunite with your Family and Friends. 

Call 1800 422 711 for all questions and to start your journey. 

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Tell us how you have taken control of your life, what was the turning point and how have things changed since?
Share your story 📖

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