Luxury Recovery and Rehabilitation Facilities for Treatment of Addiction in Melbourne

Hills and Ranges Private is a luxury, residential treatment and rehabilitation centre located just outside of Melbourne. In the picturesque forests of Olinda and Sassafras, we offer a tranquil environment to support the healing process.

Being a leading rehabilitation facility in Victoria, we provide tailored programs for all of our patients, to support and guide them on their recovery journey. Our chalet offers a peaceful environment, free of triggers, which does not compromise on the comfort of our clientele, but instead prioritises them, alongside their recovery journey.


Treatment and Addiction Recovery In Nature





Recovery and Detox Coaching in Natural Tranquillity

Our Chalet offers a safe and comfortable haven for anyone seeking treatment for substance dependence, anxiety, depression or addiction issues. Our rehabilitation programs provide a caring, holistic approach that focuses on re-establishing overall health and wellbeing.

We host well-appointed recovery and respite programs in contemporary facilities, only 45 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD. Our state-of-the-art kitchen includes nutritious food, fresh air and vibrant greenery, which provides you with everything you need during your stay, including a refreshing, secluded place to heal. Our fully equipped gym and yoga studio sits within our lush acreage in Puffing Billy Country, adding to your recovery curriculum that heals your body, as well as your mind.

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