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Drug addiction can be mentally and physically damaging and deeply impact an individual’s life, but there is help available in the form of drug rehabilitation centres with treatment services, just like Hills and Ranges Private in Olinda, only a short distance from Melbourne. When dealing with a drug detox, it can be an uncertain and unpleasant time, but we take great care to provide all individuals with high quality programs and comfortable accommodation.
Renowned as the only rehabilitation centre in Victoria to offer luxury facilities, the lush green surroundings of our centre may be the calming place you need to start the healing process.


Understanding Drug Addiction

While substance abuse effects people differently, taking drugs is recognised as an addiction when your craving interferes with your daily life. Relationships, both personally and professionally can be negatively impacted and even fall apart during this time. At this point, a drug detox program in one of the most reputable drug rehabilitation centres available, such as Hills and Ranges Private is highly recommended, with holistic services to understand your addiction and help you overcome it.
Unlike other rehabilitation centres, we offer more than a 12-step program and instead focus on a complete and innovative approach for individuals struggling with drug addiction. We aim to help you understand what is driving your substance abuse, discuss the underlying issues and concerns, support you through the detox stage of the program and give you the tools to change your thinking and habits. We also offer support when you leave the facility in the form of a Sobriety Companion.

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There is no shame in asking for help, and our tranquil Melbourne-based drug rehabilitation centre allows you privacy and complete confidence should you wish to reach out.
If you or someone you love is struggling with a drug addiction, you can learn more about our rehabilitation services by calling 1800 422 711 or using the online enquiry form.

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