Seeking Help For Your Addiction?

Many Suffer the Disease of Addiction

Addiction has been officially recognised by The WHO as a disease and as such, the common misconception that it can only impact you if you are weak or poor of morals, is false. Addiction does not discriminate, but is a very common and harmful disease affecting many in Australia.

Addiction can be treated and at Hills & Ranges Private, we have one of Australia’s most successful treatment plans, allowing us to help you recover effectively and sustainably, whilst updating your loved ones along the way.


What Factors Can Influence Addiction?

It is important to be aware of the types of triggers to watch out for and the reasons why you may become addicted to a substance or harmful behaviour.

Offering a Fresh Start Towards Your Future

Being in a new location, surrounded by constant support, is the only way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you continue to live in the environment you are used to, you will only continue the self-destructive behaviour. The first step towards recovery is always admitting to the problem and we understand that this can be an extremely scary thing to do, but the staff are here to help ease your mind and remind you that rehab is an opportunity for a fresh start.

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Patients living at rehabilitation clinic spending time in the garden

Where Do You Start?

Rehabilitation often begins with a mental and physical evaluation of the potential patient. Our specialists will determine the severity of addiction so we can better understand what types of treatment and therapies you will need.

In an act of gratitude for our natural landscape, we also employ a physical activity program that is second to none in Australia.