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For A Loved One

“Is my husband smoking Ice?”
“Is my daughter drinking too much?”
“Is my partner using party drugs and their life is spinning out of control?”
Are amongst the myriad of questions our counsellors at Hills & Ranges Private often hear from families and partners of people struggling with addiction.

Helping a loved one with their addiction is not always as simple as reaching out to them. It can be a delicate subject and many times, it can do more harm than good. However, there are ways to go about motivating a loved one to seek the help they need.

We reflect on the story of the lion with a thorn stuck in its paw – The big cat was in such pain that she thrashed around and scared others away. She wasn’t able to remove the thorn on her own. While some wanted to help her, she lashed out at anyone who came close. She was in complete agony – an agony that could have been easily resolved if she would just let someone give him a hand.

When we talk about addiction, it’s easy to understand and see that our loved ones are suffering immensely from their substance abuse. We know that with the right help, they could be free from their struggles. As a parent, spouse, sibling or friend, our hearts break as we experience and feel their pain. But, helping a loved one with their addiction is not always as simple as reaching out to them. In fact, many times, when we do what we think is right – it ends up backfiring, causing a rift, creating arguments, your loved one isolating, and their usage continuing.

Help is available at Hills & Ranges Private – when family members are involved, we counsel both the client and their family to the specific therapeutic treatment plan, which is put in place to help the suffering addict. We stay in touch regularly and organise (twice) weekly interactions with the family throughout the client’s program, and allow family visits and excursions once a week.

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