Expert-led and Melbourne-based Behavioural Health and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic

Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinic located in Olinda, close to Melbourne.

At Hills and Ranges Private, our rehabilitation centre specialises in the treatment of addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription stimulant drugs, and co-occurring mental health issues.

We are the only committed Chemsex rehabilitation clinic in Australia and offer much more than a 12-step program to the individuals in our centre. Hills and Ranges Private is a luxury rehabilitation centre designed to support and guide those who seek our services from the beginning of their treatment to after they have left.

Providing Rehabilitation Services to Professionals Struggling with Addiction

Hills and Ranges Private is a Melbourne-based addiction treatment service for busy professionals with substance abuse disorders and accompanying conditions. Our treatment and rehabilitation services approach at Hills and Ranges Private are innovative, multi-faceted and holistic.


Luxury Rehab Facilities

Our expert-led behavioural health and addiction treatment facility is located in natural and tranquil surroundings, away from the triggers found in everyday life.


Close to Melbourne

Our residential facility is nestled amongst the fern fronds in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, 45 minutes drive outside of Melbourne’s CBD.


Treatments and Programs

Hills and Ranges Private is committed to quality care. We deliver cutting-edge treatment services combined with best practice models of therapeutic management.


The Road to Recovery

Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, Hills and Ranges Private will provide the care, support and programs to facilitate your healing.

Treatment Programs For Each Step of The Way

Our range of treatment options include in-house programs at our tranquil facility, with 30- and 90-days programs available. We also provide continuous daily support and guidance for outpatients in the form of Sobriety Companions.

We find this greatly helps with the challenges that come with leaving rehab. Our Reintegration Housing program provides a ‘halfway house’ solution for those wanting further supervision outside of rehab but before returning to their everyday lives.

Contact us for further information on our Rehabilitation Clinic

Recognised as one of the most luxurious rehabilitation centres in Victoria, Hills and Ranges Private provides pioneering services and treatment for a range of drug, alcohol, and mental health concerns. Your overall wellbeing is of the utmost importance during your stay at our private rehab clinic, with your confidentiality taken into strict consideration.

Our online assessment form asks the questions needed to determine your need for professional support with recovering from substance and process addictions. The team of supportive and trained staff are here to answer questions you may have and provide further guidance about our rehabilitation centre and services.

Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to contact us using the online enquiry form or call us today on 1800 422 711

For a luxury rehabilitation facility to help with addiction recovery, call 1800 422 711

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