Rehabilitation Facility In Melbourne For Meth And Heroin Addiction

Behavioural Health And Drug Rehabilitation Clinic In The Heart Of Nature

Rehabilitation Facility In Melbourne For Meth And Heroin Addiction

Hills and Ranges Private, located just outside of Melbourne in the tranquil surrounds of Olinda, is a luxurious and renowned rehabilitation centre for individuals struggling with meth and heroin addiction. Whether you or someone you love is dealing with substance abuse, our facility has peronsalied programs and treatments to aid in the healing process.
Combining sedatives and different forms of drugs is confusing for your body, and can cause unusual reactions that are detrimental to your health. Meth and heroin are a potent combination when mixed, and equally as damaging when each substance is abused on their own. There are significant dangers associated with meth and heroin use and the health implications can be extremely high-risk and long-term.


How To Deal With Your Meth And Heroin Addiction

If you or a loved one are struggling with a meth or heroin addiction and require help from a dedicated and recognised rehabilitation centre, Hills and Ranges Private can provide the assistance you require. Our tailored treatments and programs are much more than a 12-step program and focus on the healing process of your mind and body as a whole.
Our trained staff work with individuals to understand their need to abuse meth and heroin, the underlying issues associated with the addiction and give you the tools to begin your recovery process. We also offer ongoing support outside of the facility in the form of a Sobriety Companion.

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With experience, knowledge and guidance, we can help you overcome your struggles and take back control of your life. Our luxury accommodation allows you to rest and recover in peace and in calming surrounds.
To learn more about our Melbourne-based rehabilitation centre, and the services we offer for individuals abusing meth or heroin, call 1800 422 711 or use the online enquiry form.

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