Ongoing Sobriety Support After Rehab In Olinda

Our solution is to take rehab home with you, in the form of a sobriety companion.

What Happens After Leaving The Rehab Facility?

Hills and Ranges Private is a safe space for rehabilitation where addiction and triggers can be left behind. We create an environment where you can feel secure and supported through recovery.

However, we have found that the biggest challenge with rehabilitation clinics, is what to do after you’ve left.

People can’t stay in rehab forever, and unfortunately, the stresses and triggers of regular life leads many people to simply revert back into their old habits after leaving. Therefore, in addition to our curriculum at Hills and Ranges Private, we offer a completely unique service. This enables people to seamlessly segue back into their busy professional lives in a manner which reinforces the curriculum into everyday life.

“Acutecare” Aftercare Program

“Acutecare” is Hills & Ranges Private’s Aftercare program – one of the many ways in which the treatment of addiction mirrors the treatment of any chronic condition. Our aftercare plan is, in many ways, similar to a discharge plan from hospitalisation to treat any chronic condition. In the treatment of substance abuse disorders, aftercare planning must include:

  • Proper understanding of the severity of the condition Identification of potential barriers to successful treatment Outpatient care expectations
  • Appointment setting
  • A realistic, sustainable self-management plan
  • A protection plan to activate in the event of triggers
  • A regrouping plan in the event of relapse

Hills & Ranges Private operate a free, lifelong, aftercare program that consists 2 contact hours every week, and ongoing counselling as required.

Reintegration Housing

In addition to the ‘sobriety companion’ process, Hills and Ranges Private has a Residential Reintegration Program in Melbourne. This is available to clients who have completed a 30 or 90-day Comprehensive Residential Treatment at our rural facility.

Our Reintegration Program provides stable and supervised accommodation for a further 90-day period, including ongoing treatment provisions. Our Reintegration Program gives clients the opportunity to successfully reintegrate into the community with professional support, mentorship and a stable home environment.

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