ICE, Stimulants And Alcohol Addiction Treatments In Olinda

Hills and Ranges Private recognises the highly addictive and harmful nature of ICE (Crystal Methamphetamine) and other stimulants, such as cocaine. In response, we have created an innovative framework that specialises in the treatment of ICE misuse and addiction.

Addressing Mental Health Problems

Sleepless nights, the inability to function at work, poor personal relationships and out-of-character behaviour are all side effects of routine ICE users. This can also lead to depression and psychosis.

Finding The Right Support

Methamphetamine users may benefit from an intense inpatient recovery period, where they won’t expose themselves to situations where they become vulnerable.

Restoring A Sense Of Meaning

We build a tailored treatment program for each person. The recommendations we make consider their social circumstances, giving them a solid platform for reaching a full recovery.

ICE Addiction Treatment

At Hills and Ranges Private, our goal is repairing the destruction caused on a personal level within the suffering individual and heal the damage inflicted on the family unit. We also make long-term recovery possible by advancing standards and practices in the field of addiction treatment.

The treatment approach for individuals rehabilitating from ICE is unique in comparison to other best practice treatment models. This is widely due to the harms associated with ICE, including psychological manifestations such as aggression and psychosis alongside a visible and often long term physical deterioration. At Hills & Ranges Private, we offer a distinct intervention and rehabilitation service for individuals requiring withdrawal and rehabilitation from ICE, cocaine and alcohol misuse.

Our clinicians at Hills and Ranges Private Sanctuary have demonstrated experience in the management of Crystal Methamphetamine dependent individuals. We have gone that extra step to offer unique, individually tailored solutions; we are here to help.

If you’re concerned for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 1800 422 711

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