Checking In To Our Luxury Rehab Facility
In Olinda

Hills and Ranges is the right choice for treatment if you or a loved one are in need of supervised and professional help. We will guide you through the process of recovery from substance or process addictions.

Our Admissions Process

After inquiring about our programs and speaking to a staff member, we will be able to advise you with our suggested course of action. We will tailor a program to suit your addiction, lifestyle and goals.

Qualified And Trained Staff

Our team of staff consist of addicts proudly living their lives in recovery and helping others. Their personal experiences add to their understanding, guidance and empathy when guiding you through your own healing journey.

Hills and Ranges Private is a judgement-free space with treatment programs that have been carefully put together with expert-led behavioural health and addiction methods.

For further questions about our admissions process, call 1800 422 711

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