Melbourne-Based Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation Facility

Having a cocaine addiction is not something to hide away from, and there is help available to all those who seek it. At Hills and Ranges Private, our luxurious rehabilitation centre, located near Melbourne in the tranquil surroundings of Olinda, offers individuals a calming and safe space to understand their cocaine addiction and work with our trained staff to overcome it.

While addiction can be unpleasant, we always aim to make your stay comfortable and without triggers, and provide support and guidance in a variety of forms. More than just a 12-step program, our rehabilitation centre offers an innovative, supportive and holistic approach to the healing process, to ensure you recover from your cocaine addiction and can reintegrate into society after your stay, with the help of our recovery coaches.


The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that ups your level of energy, alertness and attention. Sending high levels of dopamine to the parts of your body that control pleasure, that build-up feeling is what people get addicted to. Commonly known to be used at parties or in social situations, it can be difficult to identify when you or a loved one has become addicted. But, when your need to use the drug consumes your everyday life, it’s time to seek help at a reputable rehabilitation centre that will focus on the root of your cocaine addiction, and provide the tools you need to take back control.

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Whether it’s you or someone you love, cocaine addiction can be detrimental to relationships in both your personal life and professional life. At Hills and Ranges Private, our Melbourne-based luxury accommodation allows you room to breathe and enjoy nature, while completing the healing process.

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