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How Addiction Works

Addiction does not discriminate, and there are many reasons why addiction begins. In the case of drugs and alcohol, the substances alter how you feel physically and mentally which can create the urge to use them again. This becomes an addiction when you cannot control how you use the substance and become dependent on it to cope with your everyday life.

Drug and alcohol addiction is the most common form, but some other addictions that we offer treatment for include gambling, sex, internet, and workaholism.

While some individuals are able to function with their addiction, the activity can soon become so detrimental to their lives that other aspects such as work, relationships, and general health become secondary concerns, or completely non-existent. At times like this, it’s important to get help.


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Addiction treatment can assist in dealing with the concerns at hand and the underlying issues that may be causing your addiction. Our Melbourne-based rehabilitation centre is the only luxury facility in Victoria and is much more than a 12-step program. Our professional and trained staff will work with you during and after your stay to give you the best form of care.

If you or a loved one needs helps with an addiction, get in touch with our treatment facility by calling 1800 422 711 or using the online enquiry form.

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