Check-in to our Luxury Rehab Facilities In Olinda & Sassafras

If you or a loved one is in need of supervised, professional help in an anxiety-free environment, Hills and Ranges Private is the right choice for treatment. We will guide you through the process of recovery with drugs counselling, recovery coaching and holistic AOD services.

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Qualified and Highly Trained Staff

Our team of highly trained and qualified staff at Hills and Ranges Private come from both certified and lived experience backgrounds, and are proudly dedicated to helping others in their recovery. These personal experiences create a sense of kinship, which aids in common understanding and empathy, while guiding you through your own healing journey. Our private grounds create a like-minded, judgement-free environment for our expert-led programs in behavioural change and addiction recovery methods.

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Proven Treatment Programs in Leafy Dandenong’s

Our newly established treatment facilities sit comfortably in the heart of the Dandenong’s, offering luxurious rehabilitation and successful treatment and recovery programs, in a private and inclusive setting. We offer the highest level of care and support, with effective treatment methods that include daily therapy sessions with our qualified staff and counsellors. Our cooking classes led by our qualified chef, Chris, and our yoga and meditation facilities help provide a healing experience for anxiety recovery. After your treatment at our Chalets, we continue to provide a lifetime of aftercare, to ensure your mind and body experience ongoing care and support, from Hills and Ranges Private.

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