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The Recovery Cast is brought to you by Hills and Ranges Private. Join your Host, Oliver, as he discusses all things Recovery. Listen to a daily reading from a variety of 12 step programs, and hear from special guests as they unpack their recovery tips, experience, strength and hope.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 21

On Today's Episode, Oliver and guest Amanda discuss how it can take some serious courage and perseverance to maintain our recovery. They also talk about Recovery Dharma - an emerging recovery program, one of many we can use, that is also available as part of treatment at Hills And Ranges Private.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 20

On Today's Episode, Oliver shares how a traumatic experience affected his addiction, and ultimately lead to him choosing recovery. We learn how he uses tools learned from his treatment and ongoing recovery program to treat and heal from his trauma. Today's reading is from the A.A Daily Reflections book: "Our Survival."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 19

On Today's Episode, Oliver and guest John talk about how it can sometimes take a great emotional upheaval to change our attitudes and bring about the opportunity to take that first step into recovery. John shares how he gave recovery one last shot and found success. Today's JFT reading is on Attitudes.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 18

On Today's Episode, Oliver talks about how other people in recovery just seem to "get it!" What should we do about our old friendships and connections once we are in recovery? A.A Daily Reflection reading, 27th of October - Global Sharing.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 17

In today's Episode, Oliver talks about making that first step into recovery - accepting help, and what that can look like for those of us who find this concept to be daunting and insurmountable. Today's reading is from the JFT - Self Acceptance.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 16

On this Episode, Oliver takes a break from the "Meet the Staff at Hills And Ranges Private" series, and has a look at the holistic and multi faceted approach to recovery on offer at Hills And Ranges Private; introducing a new recovery methodology - The SMART Recovery program. Today's AA Daily Reflection is "A.A's Heartbeat."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 15

Oliver chats with the Lead Facilitator at Hills And Ranges Private - Lauren, and finds out about what she does in her role, and what she gets to experience on a day to day basis as a member of staff. They also look at the Just For Today reading - Responsibility.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 14

Today's special episode marks the beginning of a new series - Meet the Staff at Hills And Ranges Private! On today's episode of The Recovery Cast, Oliver chats to Facility Manager at Hills And Ranges Private - Adam, and discusses the AA Daily Reflection "What We Know Best."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 13

On today's Episode, Oliver reads from the JFT reading, "Look Who's Talking" and discusses how addiction can affect our thought processes, even when we are in recovery, and how we can use our 12 step program to counter those unhealthy thoughts.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 12

In this episode, Oliver discusses the Daily Reflection, and some insight into that thing we would all prefer to avoid - Relapse!

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The Recovery Cast – A Podcast for Addiction Recovery & Sobriety   

At Hills & Ranges Private, we believe that rehab is a place of learning, but it is not a school and there is no graduation- it is simply the beginning of a new life.

Recovery goes far beyond the final day of treatment; it continues throughout life and takes as much time as required. Everyone is different, and each path taken to a healthier lifestyle is unique, and there are resources that former and current addicts can access to ensure that they get the best shot possible, at continued recovery.

One of those great resources is podcasts – a place to offer shared experiences and a platform for peer support. Listening to the stories of others makes us all more tolerant, more accepting and helps us to understand ourselves better, which is why Hills & Ranges Private have created The Recovery Cast. A daily podcast hosted by Oliver, for addition recovery and sobriety.

A Place To Learn More About Addiction Recovery & Sobriety

Each episode of The Recovery Cast dives into a different topic surrounding addiction and sobriety and is a place where thoughts on daily readings and reflections can be shared. Inclusive and informative, the subject matter of each episode is aimed at past and future clients and anyone who has an interest in recovery.

The Recovery Cast is available on the Hills & Ranges Private website, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify, so that listeners can stay connected during all hours of the days and listen at time most convenient to them.

Listen to The Recovery Cast Today

Start listening today and enjoy some much-needed moments of thoughtfulness.

For any additional information on the benefits of addiction recovery and sobriety podcasts, please feel free to contact us at Hills & Ranges Private today.


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