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The Recovery Cast is brought to you by Hills and Ranges Private. Join your Host, Oliver, as he discusses all things Recovery. Listen to a daily reading from a variety of 12 step programs, and hear from special guests as they unpack their recovery tips, experience, strength and hope.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 41

On Today's Episode, Oliver discusses what can happen to us if we let our recovery program slip for a while, and how it can take some bad news- illnesses or other life occurrences- to set us back on our spiritual recovery path. He also looks at the importance of sleep, and how we can practice good sleep hygiene to help our recovery.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 40

On Today's Episode, Oliver looks at how working the 10th step (and the 12 steps in general) is a journey of self discovery, self acceptance and personal growth and success. He also delves down into how the stigma surrounding addiction is harmful to people suffering from addiction, and how The Recovery Cast and Hills And Ranges Private are stigma free zones, enabling us to access the help we need.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 39

Today's Episode is another instalment of the "Meet the staff at Hills And Ranges Private" series. Oliver chats with guest Kelly about her role at Hills And Ranges Private, and how our connections with others are benefited by working a strong recovery program.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 38

On Today's Episode, Oliver looks at the JFT reading, "Alone No More" and shares his experience of re-entering the work force in recovery. He also looks at the assistance Hills And Ranges Private offers professionals, who may be unable to leave their work during treatment. Working in early recovery can be a difficult experience, and great care should be taken negotiating this important step in our lives.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 37

On Today's Episode, Oliver takes another look at how prayer and meditation is a vital tool to strengthen our recovery - life is easier when we have a routine of regular prayer and meditation. We also continue investigating the 12 steps. Today's episode is focusing on Step 8: "We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 36

On Today's Episode, Oliver delves down into the concept that our recovery is not just about surviving - Thriving is inevitable when we work a strong recovery program! Our recovery gives us another chance to experience life's joys. The JFT reading is "Not Just Surviving."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 35

On Today's Episode, Oliver shares his experience of that first year of sobriety - all the things that we get to experience, often for the first time in our lives. The A.A Daily Reflections reading is on "Looking Outward."

The Recovery Cast – Episode 34

On Today's Episode, Oliver discusses the Just For Today reading "Our Own Story" and how everyone has a unique and special experience, that we matter! Your story told through sharing at a meeting can help another person on their own journey in recovery. Stick around for some exciting news at the end of the episode.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 33

On Today's Episode, Oliver is joined again by his sponsor Tim to discuss the A.A Daily Reflection- "Self Acceptance." Tim talks about his experience and thoughts on a higher power, finding self acceptance and how we can best go about doing this on our own journeys in recovery.

The Recovery Cast – Episode 32

On Today's Episode, Oliver takes a look at Spiritual Principles, and how applying these principles to our daily lives helps us overcome fear and lead a balanced, joyful and free recovery.

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The Recovery Cast – A Podcast for Addiction Recovery & Sobriety   

At Hills & Ranges Private, we believe that rehab is a place of learning, but it is not a school and there is no graduation- it is simply the beginning of a new life.

Recovery goes far beyond the final day of treatment; it continues throughout life and takes as much time as required. Everyone is different, and each path taken to a healthier lifestyle is unique, and there are resources that former and current addicts can access to ensure that they get the best shot possible, at continued recovery.

One of those great resources is podcasts – a place to offer shared experiences and a platform for peer support. Listening to the stories of others makes us all more tolerant, more accepting and helps us to understand ourselves better, which is why Hills & Ranges Private have created The Recovery Cast. A daily podcast hosted by Oliver, for addition recovery and sobriety.

A Place To Learn More About Addiction Recovery & Sobriety

Each episode of The Recovery Cast dives into a different topic surrounding addiction and sobriety and is a place where thoughts on daily readings and reflections can be shared. Inclusive and informative, the subject matter of each episode is aimed at past and future clients and anyone who has an interest in recovery.

The Recovery Cast is available on the Hills & Ranges Private website, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify, so that listeners can stay connected during all hours of the days and listen at time most convenient to them.

Listen to The Recovery Cast Today

Start listening today and enjoy some much-needed moments of thoughtfulness.

For any additional information on the benefits of addiction recovery and sobriety podcasts, please feel free to contact us at Hills & Ranges Private today.


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