Melbourne-based Rehabilitation Facility for Ice Addiction

Hills and Ranges Private is in the serene setting of Olinda, only a short distance from Melbourne, and is a luxury drug rehabilitation centre that can assist you in detoxing and healing from your ice addiction. If you or a loved one is beginning to rely on ice, you can seek help with our trained and professional staff.

Ice is a very destructive drug for both addicts and their loved ones and is damaging to an individual’s mind and body. The potential for addiction is extremely high when using ice and the dependence can severely affect the daily activities of users by interfering with their work, study, social life and relationships.

Taking Control of Your Ice Addiction

The body’s reaction to ice is intense and problematic. Associated with a range of brain and mental health conditions, ice addicts can experience memory-loss, indecision, depression, and psychosis, and the drug is notoriously known for turning addicts aggressive and violent. When behaviour becomes dangerous and concerning, it’s time to seek help from professionals.

Our Melbourne-based rehabilitation centre is recognised for not only our tranquil surroundings but the way our programs deal with addiction, including ice and other drugs. Our trained staff support and guide you through the healing process of your addiction. We first learn the reasons for your ice addiction and the underlying issues associated with the abuse and then how to implement successful strategies for recovery.

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Start Your Rehabilitation Journey with Us

With tailored meal plans and treatments help to heal your mind and body and nourish your health, our rehabilitation centre is much more than a 12-step program. We use an innovative, multi-faceted and holistic approach to ice addiction recovery and help give you the tools to reintegrate into society in the form of a Sobriety Companion.

For more information on ice addiction or our services, call 1800 422 711 or use the online enquiry form.

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