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How To Support Someone In Rehab

If a loved one has recently entered rehab for addiction or has been in rehab for a period of time, and you aren’t quite sure how to support them, we are here to offer some advice. While every situation is different, love and care mean the same thing to most people, and the feeling of being supported while going through treatment can be the push some patients need to continue their journey toward better health.

Support comes in many forms; from a hug to a deep conversation, or even just acknowledgment of someone’s suffering. Let’s discuss some ways you can support someone in rehab and be there when they need you the most.

The best way to support them – is to be supportive. This may sound silly, but many people are angry or frustrated towards their loved ones because of secrets revealed or things discovered as a result of their addiction. This is understandable but anger and frustration shown towards the person in rehab might cause other issues and can lead to people running away from rehab or relapse. To support someone show them that you care.

Educate Yourself

When you want to support someone, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the nature of their particular addiction and the recovery process ahead. There is an abundance of books, websites, blogs and groups available that will help you find the answers you need. You can even find yourself a support group of other people who are supporting loved ones during their treatment. The more you are educated about addiction, the better equipped you will be to empathize with your loved one and provide an in-depth level of support.

Many addictions have significant withdrawal side-effects. Most of these are characterized by depression, anxiety and mood swings. It is generally suggested that you be kind towards people experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms as their responses may seem exaggerated.

Offer Reassurance

Dealing with an addiction is a stressful situation for everyone involved, and while in some cases entering rehab may not have been the choice of those with the addiction, it is a brave decision, nevertheless. Continue to offer reassurance to your loved one that what they are doing is the right thing for themselves and their future. Progress is never linear, so be compassionate if they stumble on hurdles, but remain consistent in your approach that every hard day will help build better days down the track.

Call, Send Letters, and Visit

Getting in touch with your loved one via phone, mail, or a physical visit can help keep spirits high and remind them they are not alone on their journey. Just hearing a familiar, friendly voice, receiving a care package from home, or seeing a loved one in person can help make their day a little brighter. Creating a regular routine for phone calls or visits will give your loved one something to look forward to. Be sure to remain encouraging on your phone call, in your letters, or during your visit, as your loved one is not looking for a lecture, they are looking for normalcy and a solid foundation.

If you would like to know more about how you can support someone in rehab, please feel free to contact the team at Hills & Ranges Private. We are more than happy to discuss our facility, programs, and treatment options.

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