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Being Active In Rehab Is Key To Successfully Treating Addiction

Throughout addiction, we are sick and tired of feeling dependent on substances and we desperately want to take the first step on our journey of recovery; we want to start regaining control of our lives. But, most rehabs are like school. It’s just lectures, eating and sleeping. Nothing much changes. Providing MORE than just a safe, supportive, professional and judgment-free environment is where Hills & Ranges Private is different.


Surrounded by Nature

We make the most of the mountainous forests and nature we are surrounded by. Yoga, hikes, MTB rides and swimming are combined with healthy chef-prepared meals, designed by our nutritionists.

Add all this to a recovery system that really works, based on scientifically proven methodology, and this is why Hills & Ranges Private has the highest success rate of former clients out of any rehab in Australia.

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Treatment Programs For Each Step Of The Way

Hills and Ranges Private is a safe, secure and highly professional environment based in Olinda, in the Dandenong Ranges. We offer a world-leading, addiction treatment program at our stunning property in the Dandenong Ranges which provides shaded, tranquil and calming surroundings. Our physical activities are all directed by a trained and registered sports therapist, who ensures the activities undertaken help achieve physical change, to complement the mental change sought through our recovery program.

Our top quality in-house catering team prepare a bespoke menu of fresh food, designed to equally support your body while your mind heals. We want to help guide every move that you make towards recovery, and we offer the perfect introduction to your future, addiction-free life.

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The 5I® Recovery Process

Developed by our counselling and clinical team, this process uniquely draws upon the 3 most globally relied on treatment processes:

  • 12 Step Program
  • SMART goals
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This program combines these into one 3-module process that can be simply and effectively applied to anyone’s life. We have seen much success in the application of the program, to free our patients from the challenges of life-threatening addiction.

All of our counsellors and clinical staff are former addicts themselves and now proudly in recovery. Their lives are a testament to the effectiveness of the 5I® Recovery Process at Hills and Ranges Private.

Our 5I® Recovery process has been tested and honed over the past 8 years to be the single, most effective methodology for treating recovery from addiction.

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